Analyzing, improving, scaling-up and promoting of the ‘Jove Valor’ (young People with Value) good practice within Europe.

YoPeVa aims to achieve innovative methodology on youth employment and provide evidence on which programs are best suited to break the constraints faced by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals in the labour market. The project will be implemented in European framework, supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

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The Final Conference has been a huge success. From inspiring speeches, to magical visits, everything still simmers through our veins. Whether you were there, or you whether you unfortunately missed it, you can read it all back in the Newsletter of December.

Meeting the people that inspired YoPeVa to the project it is today, the people behind the Brazilian project Jovem Aprendiz, getting to know the results that are gathered so far ánd visiting the European Parliament, it all comes together in the Final Conference in Brussels on November 17th!

On the 27th of January 2022 we have held our International Intermediate Online Event. The event included stakeholders who can make a difference in Europe to tackle youth unemployment and this topic was thoroughly discussed. Also, the (future) results of the YoPeVa project related to this project’s subject were discussed and there was attention paid to the impact of YoPeVa. You can watch the whole International Intermediate Event back here and read the press release (in Romanian) here.